Amazing video of a triangle-shaped UFO over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29-Mar-2013

triangle UFO
Latest UFO sightings – Interesting footage of a triangular craft that changed shape several times during the recording. This was taken over Myrtle Beach in South Carolina on Friday, 29th March 2013.

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  1. looks just like the unexplained delta wing and boomerang shaped ufos from the 80s-90s seen in pine bush,hudson valley,new york. documented by Bruce cornet while working for nids,in 1997 he filmed several delta shaped objects with light arrays that changed shape and he claimed they were imitating conventional craft. allso the rear view of the object filmed here looks like the craft seen by several

  2. Amazing footage, at first I thought the transponder of a plane, but as it changed maybe a Chinese lantern. But the lighting and changing of shape makes me wonder just what this is.

  3. Are you kidding me? You can see the wing tip beacons and the red strobe on the bottom. WTF? This is so clearly a plan it's not even debate. I think I even heard jet noise. Give me a break..

  4. amazing ?..that's clearly an airplane..why keep showing airplanes, balloons, and stuff nobody cares ? this isn't a website bout ufo anymore..sorry but I'll quit visiting it..

  5. This same light formation appears to be sighted at different locations world wide. I just can't believe it's a hoax.

  6. ENOUGH ALREADY !!! Please stop trying to pass off airplanes on approach as a dang U.F.O. ! Most of us take UFO watching very seriously and you people that keep posting these videos are just insulting us greatly. <br />You know darn well its an airplane but you still post this crap thinking someone will believe you. All you do is just piss people off. Thanks, man

    • haha a doctor! a doctor of &quot;fake planes&quot;? ufos? bad filming? maybe a doctor of people jumping to the wrong conclusions! 🙂

  7. This is getting ridiculous. I agree with the commentor above. Enough already! It&#39;s not a ufo, triangular military craft or a TR3B. You people must have shit for brains. Seriously you can&#39;t tell that&#39;s just a plane?

  8. It&#39;s NOT just &quot;a plane.&quot; I know exactly what it is. It is the Boeing V22-Osprey … rotating wings on a airplane that allow it to take-off, land, hover, and even navigate/fly as a helicopter .. and then &quot;TRANSFORM/MORPH&quot; into an actual plane as the wing rotates and tilts forward with both propellers on it.<br />That is why many of these UFO&#39;s, just like this video,

  9. Whatever that is, it was made on Earth. I live in the vicinity of an airport, and this craft looks every bit like a plane taking a turn after take-off. Nothing *amazing* about that.

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