Mysterious object photographed over Ketchikan, Alaska 19-Aug-2014

Alaska UFO photo

New UFO photos taken in Ketchikan, Alaska. These images were photographed by a tourist on Tuesday, 19th August 2014.

Witness report: I was on a small cruise ship touring in the Ketchikan area (the Tongass Narrows) with a group of co-workers and friends. At about 8:00 PM, I was taking some photos of the sunset with my iPhone. I took three shots of the sunset. The following evening, as I downloaded the photos to my computer, I noticed the bright light in the sky (upper left corner of all three photos at slightly different angles since the boat we were traveling was heading north or north-west as I was taking the sunset photos. I did not notice the bright light in the sky as I was taking the photos, yet the light object is clearly in the photo. Since I did not see the object directly at time of the photo, I cannot say that it was actually moving in the sky. On the photo the object or light appears oval of possibly disk shaped.
I have attached 3 original digital photos

Author (source: mufon)

Alaska UFO photo

Ketchikan UFO

UFO over Alaska

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  1. are you taking your pictures behind glass? if so it could be a reflection. if not, you have caught something astounding, considering you did not see it until after you downloaded your photos.

  2. It looks to me to be a reflection of a ceiling light/light on the boat. If you blow up the photos you can see that the photos were taken through glass and you can see other blurred objects reflecting in them. This explains why he didn’t see the object while taking the pictures. It wasn’t in the distance where he was looking but a reflection directly in front of him in the glass. It appears to change position in contrast to the outside because the boat is moving not the object. The reflection is in approx. the same spot on the photos just different back ground changes due to boat movement.

    • Photo was not taken inside, behind glass/window. There was no cover over me on the deck but was in the open air. The image does not appear on the same location on the frame. Each photo has the object/image on a different location on the frame, moving from about center to the left as the boat is slowly moving forward toward the sunset.

  3. Maybe they are reflections but I was not near any ceiling lights and was instead outside and about 15 feet away from any indoor areas. The photos were taken in the direction away from the cabin so the camera was faced outward opposite any boat light and facing towards far away distant scenery. However, I am not an optics or light expert.

  4. I took the photos and am not saying this was any kind of craft, either terrestrial or extraterrestrial. I just found these to be interesting images. Perhaps it is a cloud, meteor, or some other anomaly but I can assure you that these photos are not fake. I am open to reasonable, intelligent guesses about what this image is. Let me know if you have other questions that can respond to. Thank you.

  5. I see that these are real & not taken inside, I am with those who say disregard what the other doubters have to say. Great pictures!

  6. First time posting something online about UFO’s. I live on the south side of Anchorage Alaska. This Fri Night Sat morning on Aug 14th/15th. Me and my brother both noticed 2 Orangish orbs traveling at a high rate of speed. It moved silently thru the night sky. Goosebumps filled my body because what we saw was not man made. Lol I’ve worked n live near the airport for many years n know this was no airplane. I’m wondering if anyone else seen these orbs?

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