Landed UFO and Little Entities On The Ground Witnessed By A Family In Michigan

UFO landed

A witness from Michigan recalls an unforgettable event at the home of his parents in Dexter. He and his family brought their attention to their hay field when they noticed a landed object with little people in the area. This event was reported and filed in Case 61909 of Mutual UFO Network’s witness reporting database.

The strange event happened on August 14, 1967 when the reporting witness was still six years of age. A loud conversation of his parents woke him up from sleep.

The witness stated that he went into their kitchen and asked his father about what was happening. His father instructed him to go back to bed, but his mother insisted he should see what was outside.

His mother walked him outside and pointed to their back hay field. The reporting witness said that what he saw that time stayed in his mind every day.

According to the witness, he saw the haze in the air around the mysterious object and the very little entities walking around it. The witness described the object as no real defined shape other than it appeared to be oval and big.

On the next day, when the reporting witness came home from school, he asked his mother where his father was. She told him that he had been in the back hay field all day. So, he went to the field and saw his father pacing the field from a particular spot to another.

The witness was wondering about what his father was doing that time, so he questioned him. His father pointed at the ground, and he saw a bare spot. His father showed him two other bare spots. The day before, the witness was sure that the field had no empty spot because he had walked the field together with his father the day before.

The witness revealed that those spots remain empty over the years despite the effort of his father to try something that could grow in those spots.

The witness further revealed that someone managed to take a photo of an unusual object. He saw a picture of the object the following day of the event in the Dexter newspaper. He said that he was very sure that the photo was from behind their barn and his parents both confirmed that he was right.

Dexter has 4,067 population as a city in Washtenaw County in Michigan.

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  1. Good story, common theme but has entities (not so common) something about this makes me believe this witness is telling the truth and regrets seeing what he saw back in ’67.

  2. I know this will be hard for some of you to believe, but I also saw UFO’s and what I used to call “skeleton people” when I was a child. I lived in Stockbridge, which is very close to Dexter. Started in 1966, continued until 1982. Happened frequently for a very long time, I was terrified to go to sleep or be alone. For whatever reason, it no longer happens. Still trying to make sense of it all. Please, do not blow this stuff off – something is happening, just no idea what.

  3. I live in belleville mi in the late 60’s i also saw 3 small beings in the snow.Will always wonder what they were.

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