Tr-3b photographed over South Carolina?

Latest UFO sightings – I found two photos of interesting sighting, which supposedly happened this Tuesday, 16th March 2010 at 8:03 pm in Greenville, South Carolina. Supposedly photographed with camera Konica Minolta DiMage Z5 but these photos are most likely a CGI.
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I saw a bright red light coming from a distance. I thought that maybe an airline plane was on fire, and grabbed my camera. Instead, it was a large triangle plane with a very bright, red strobe in the center of it, (almost like it was on fire). It seemed to be climbing in altitude. By the time I went to the backyard, it already entered the clouds and was gone!
Author (source: ufocasebook)

LUS 2010- Most recent UFO sighting reports and evidences. Secret FBI files.
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  1. this is most likely real,we have the donaldson air force base there and they test and work on all types of these planes there,we saw on 0ct 27 2013

  2. Hallo, ja das haben wir in Deutschland direkt über unser Haus im August 2012 um 0:10 Uhr in etwa gesehen. Es schwebte in der Luft gerade mal ca. 12 Meter über uns. Ohne Geräusche und der Antrieb sah aus wie Feuer aber war keins, eher so wie leichte Wellen auf dem Wasser.
    Gruß Ilona

  3. Believe me or not I care less but my wife and I both witnessed one of these in fall of 2014 as it floated by at no more than 30 mph, no more than 300′ MAX (more like 200′) over the small patch of woods behind our house as I was outside taking the dogs out at approx 1920 hrs. (7:20pm).
    On the side of this floating triangle that was away from us there was a approx. 5′ diameter tube of some kind that was in a lazy type of ‘u’ shape that was obviously tethered to something else that was unseen as well as the tube that attached to whatever it was also blended into the sky about 5 – 7 minutes away from darkness, and 5-10 minutes past sunset. I now believe the term for it is ‘active camouflaging’ .
    As it went past our house, as I stated it was completely SILENT and when it got to the 10 o’clock position that tethered tube lit up the color of a soft white lightbulb and was illuminated maybe 5′ and then black, to another 5′ illuminated and black again which continued maybe the length of say 25 yards away into whatever it was.
    Also underneath the triangle (TR-3B was a round white light in each corner of the craft which I would estimate at maybe 60′ from point to point and in the center of those three red lights, which was in the center of the underside of the craft, was a larger round light that was red in color. Now my memory 8 years later may have those colors switched where it was white in the middle and red on the corners…. but I don’t think so.
    The sides of the craft were approx. 12′ wide and were not lit until past us when the tube lit up as well.
    It was headed in the direction of Myrtle Beach airport or in a northern direction, which also would be in the same direction of numerous military camps on the coast of NC.
    I assumed it was headed to the airport since the lights came on when they did as the airport is only approx. 2 miles north from us.
    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I seen it and immediately yelled for my wife to get outside asap and she was also shocked.
    Here is the thing that I will never understand.
    The flight path of this craft took it directly over HWY 17 Bypass at a time of day when there is a lot of traffic. YET, we never seen or heard anything about it on the news, online, etc.
    THAT blew my mind about as much as seeing the craft itself did.
    Also, NO I was not drinking etc. and my wife neither drinks or does anything else and hasn’t since 1999 so that isn’t a reason lol
    I know what I saw, as does she.

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