NASA Space Station Video Shows Third UFO Since October

iss ufo

Observer of NASA video feed from the International Space Station spotted another UFO, the third one spotted around the space station since October 2014.

YouTube user Streetcap1, who made various videos in the past about UFOs on NASA video feeds, posted his latest discovery to the video sharing site on January 1, 2015.

Silver or gray, disc-shaped object can be revealed upon zooming it even closer.

The YouTube video, as expected, receives mixed comments from online citizens. Some say that the suspected UFO is just a light reflection on the camera lens. A camera is firmly attached to the exterior of the ISS as it orbits approximately 270 miles above Earth.

Nothing is sure as of now including the identity of the past two claimed UFOs observed near the ISS. But whatever they are, the latest anomaly is the third to have been spotted near the space station. The first one was seen in late October 2014 and followed by another in early November in the same year.

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  1. É quase certo que a NASA sabe muito e não revela nada. O estranho é que não revela aos pagadores de impostos americanos que a financiam. Assim também parece fazer o governo norte americano. Teriam os governantes direito a esconder suas descobertas de seus chefes que são os cidadãos que os pagam ?

  2. E mais: seria o povo americano incapaz de absorver descobertas impactantes? Os governantes não são parte do mesmo povo ? Serão os governantes superiores com mais e melhores direitos que a população em geral ?

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