Colorado: Strange object filmed with IR camera 30-Aug-2015


I just received this report:

Location: Vail, Colorado, United States
Date: Sunday, 30th August 2015

Witness report: I just captured a UFO with my infrared camcorder that was first spotted over Silverthorne, CO by a few locals then I captured it with my camera 30 miles away motionless above the Gore Range in Vail, CO.

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  1. whatever that was it was not moving at all. what time of the day was the film made? Venus and Jupiter are low or below horizon now so it’s not that. and what was that blip at 1:41?

  2. Aug 30, 2015 at 9:40p CST my brother called me out onto the pier of the lake we reside on here in northern Langlade County WI., because he saw something in the southwestern sky and continued watching this object that was at great altitude, assume stratosphere or ionosphere height, constantly from 9:40p to 10:20p. The craft was stationary at points, abd moved right left up and down in a small area of sky (likely a hundred miles area). It was at a great distance and great altitude but, I believe this object may have been the same one over Colorado, or, there were two of them Sunday night, as it seems to me something at that great an altitude would be visible even here…

  3. OK, Nice but also frustrating,
    You drove 30 miles at 90 mph to get just 2 mins approx of video ?. not even movement footage ?. Or is there the full video somewhere like Youtube ?.
    So , just ‘hmmmm’ and head scratching..

  4. This was taken at 6:30 PM MST. This was spotted over Silverthorne, CO at around 5:30 PM moving NE very slowly. Once I heard about it, it was 6:00 and out of site in Silverthorne. I heard in was in Vail just sitting there now and sped there. I got there just in time to capture the last two minutes before dense clouds completely covered it. The blip at 1:40 was me messing with the white balance. Wish I could have gotten more but there was no way. Even tried going to Eagle, CO hoping I could get another shot.

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