Ancient Aliens: Alien Evolution S08E05

ancient aliens

Ancient Aliens: Alien Evolution
History Channel, Season 8 Episode 5
21st August 2015

Ancient Astronaut theorists have suggested that many of the divine beings depicted in cultures throughout the world are not really divine–or mythological–but instead reflect extraterrestrial visitations that our ancestors did not understand. If true, what can account for all the different types of beings that are depicted, from anthropomorphic birds and reptiles, to gods with blue skin to multi-limbed humanoids? Might there have been numerous alien species inhabiting Earth? Could the accounts given by modern day alien abductees be evidence that these otherworldly entities continue to visit Earth to this day? And is it possible that they all have a common ancestor? In 1928, archaeologist Julio Tello discovered the Paracas skulls of Peru–elongated heads with cranial volumes at least 25% larger than the largest known human skulls. Some believe that these remains are of extraterrestrial origin.

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  1. with so many great people-scientists, astronauts, presidents- u chose George Carlin as ure masthead quote? I don’t get it (although I sure like Mr. Carlin fine)

    • why not George Carlin, (although there are many good quotes to choose from). George wasn’t just a very funny comedian, but he had a way of seeing the world a little different than most others. Too me, anyone who distinguishes themselves as an independent thinker, (no matter what form that thinking takes), and a revolutionary thinker (one not convinced by “popular or dogmatic thinking”) is usually a person who sees many possibilities, and is not tied to just one belief. Others who fit that category would be Einstein, Nostradamus, Tesla, Jesus etc….

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