MoD Scientist Recalls His Encounter With A Bright UFO

A CGI of the alleged UFO

A scientist at the US Department of Defence has become the latest high-ranking personnel to speak up about aliens and UFOs.

The electromagnetic and laser systems expert of the department requested not to be named to safeguard his career. He claims to have seen a phone receiver-shaped unidentified flying object over woods during a hunting trip in Ontario, Canada.

The witness offered his account during an interview with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an alien investigation organization.

The man said that he was with a hunting group on August 28, 2013 when he saw a craft at around 9:40 pm for about six minutes. The aircraft was seen just 400 feet away, according to the witness account. The two other members of the team have also not been identified.

In a video interview, the witness claimed they were driving down a logging route and heading to the main highway when they spotted the low-flying craft from the windscreen.

The reporting witness estimated the UFO to be at the highest 150 to 175 feet altitude. He grabbed his rifle scope, downed the window, and hung out the open side window to watch the craft better.

He described the mysterious flying thing as bright, giving the same light intensity as stadium lighting. The witness saw no lines and rivets as the UFO was brilliant in polish. He was looking at things that would normally present on an aircraft, such as the lines in the fuselage that would indicate a landing equipment or a door.

The witness claimed that their cameras did not work for most of the experience. Their cameras got into normal operation when the craft was a quarter of a mile away or more. The man said that his primary reason to come out was to look for help and try to find out how this vehicle flew.

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  1. Its a pity he doesn’t want to come out in the open, it will have no credibility as a report from someone who said he was with the MOD , but wont substantiate the claim, anyone can say or make claims that they do this, and work at this department, or that, and we we saw this object or that object….. what is the point if they remain in the shadows, waste of time for all concerned

  2. wow pertty cool looking object.Is it real? could be. who knows ? I have yet to see one. I live in Calif north of Los Angeles.

  3. if he sill works for M.O.D well he has good reason to keep himself under wraps BUT if not his story is just that and nothing more but a waste of time he really needs to come forward where it really counts….

  4. no one will ever believe stories of unidentified flying saucer shaped craft that make no noise until they see it for their vary own eyes, thats what it took for me to be a changed person.GOD bless!!

  5. When you see one up close , believe me, you know and you know other people also know we are not the only intelligent life in the cosmos.

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