Fully Charged Camera Went Empty After Recording A Video Of Shining UFOs For Less Than Two Minutes


A man’s camera battery went empty even though it was fully charged after he tried to record a spooky event in the sky over Great Shefford, Berkshire.

The man was walking his dog when he noticed three shining orbs hovering above a UK forest. The thirty-two-year-old dog walker kept seeing them through the hills near Great Shefford in Berkshire.

The next time he went back to the area, he had a camera with him in a bid to capture the strange objects. He was hoping to identify the bizarre objects after he viewed them thoroughly in the video.
However, after less than two minutes of video recording, his camera stopped to operate all of a sudden despite being fully charged.

Fellow residents of the forest village in West Berkshire revealed that they also left baffled about the identity of the orbs after they have been observed many times over the past three months.
The video shows unusual objects hovering in the sky at around 7:45 pm on Monday.

The witness, who chose not to be named, said there’s no pattern of the time of their appearance, but he had seen them about four times already.

He saw them in the same position, and there was a time when the lights became six at most. He added that these lights usually stayed for a maximum of 15 minutes before disappearing.

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  1. more and more of the orb type UFOs are being seen, and the fact that cameras, videos and other videos are loosing power, just one of the typical signs of the paranormal just tells me that these are not ET’s, they’re Demons trying to persuade and convince us of the reality of Aliens, after all, if we all believed this, and that we are here because of alien interference aeons back, then we’re less likely to believe in God…which is totally giving what that beast wants.

  2. The note speaks about 3 orbs. I could see only one. Where are the other two? The camera went dry after 2 minutes, as stated. The recording is little more than a minute only. What happened to the remaining part?

  3. Very good video and not that easy to take. Want to note that a few days ago I sat on balcony and watchted the stars. There were not only many airlines to see but also numerous satellites, and one showed a very strange and bright flashing when crossing the sky. After 3 oder 4 times flashing it stopped flashing. Only after a longer way of flying without light, it appeared again, but with different flashing. Then all this repeated and thereafter it vanished.
    When I looked in south direction there was nothing to see except a few stars. After a moment I looked again to the south – and suddenly there was a big and bright ‘orb’ like object in the sky. In my life I have seen many unexplainable lights and UFO in the sky, but this one was very different: It was a ball of PINK bright light, which flew slowly from south to north. It was pretty big and seemed to be not far away. It hovered above my house and I could not see it any longer. So I grabbed my Digi-Cam and run out of the house. I expected to see it just on the other side over the house, because it flew quite slowly. But wherever I looked to, it was gone. To note that it made no any noise.
    @Mandy Smith: What stupid nonsense are you talking about??? I prefer to be in reality – and I know it quite good, that’s for sure.

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