Cops Have Videoed A UFO Above England


Two police officers claim to have recorded on video their close encounter with an unidentified flying object (UFO).

The off-duty duo observed the cigar-shaped UFO moving slowly in the sky above North East of England. The sighting, which took place near Consett in County Durham, lasted for about 30 minutes and many viewers of the video believe it is genuine, including former police detective Gary Heseltine.

Heseltine said that the sighting took place on a bright clear day, and the mysterious object was observed rotating on its axis vertically.

Garry, UFO Truth Magazine editor, added that the object was approximately at 1,000-5,000 feet in altitude with estimated dimensions of 200 to 400 feet in length. Heseltine also noted that the sun was glinting off an apparent metallic surface as it rotates.

Gary, 56, has been collecting and studying police sightings dating back to 1901, including the reported two security officers’ sighting of a football field-size cylindrical metallic UFO above the house in North Yorkshire in Spring 1981.  Feeling alarmed, one officer pulled out his gun, but his colleague prevented him from doing so.

Another case was the sighting of two uniformed officers of a large black silent triangle UFO, about the size of three football pitches, flying over the A40 in Northolt in Middlesex.

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  1. How long was it in sight? Did it just disappear?
    Looks like it’s something blowwing in the wind and doesn’t look solid.
    You can buy balloons in all sorts of shapes now.

  2. The point is, if the report is inaccurate because it suggests English police carry guns and they don’t, then we have to be careful about believing the report at all.

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