Watch UFO Sighting In Exmouth


Another mysterious sighting in the sky above Exmouth has been reported over the weekend. The reporting witnesses were a mother and daughter from Exeter Road in Exmouth. They have been left clueless of what they had seen in the sky at around 10:30 pm.

The fifteen-year-old Charlee Davis, a pupil at Exmouth Community College, was with his friend and mother when the light appeared to their view. They went rushing outside and observed the light hovering for two minutes.

They first thought it was a plane until they noted that it wasn’t moving. It stayed in the sky without making any noise. As the object got closer to the witnesses, he saw five lights in diamond shape spinning. It also came to their mind that the UFO could be a drone, but they just could not explain it.

Tanya, Charlee’s mother, said the experience fascinated her as she always got excited about the possibility of other life. Charlee reportedly called Exeter Airport, but they appeared not interested about it and instead gave him another number to call. However, he did not manage to contact the other number.

Charlee said that they saw the UFO from the balcony.

As for Tanya, it wasn’t her first of spotting a strange object in Exmouth sky. She recalled that she remembers running into the bedroom of her parents saying that she had seen a long tube-like object that flew fast towards Woodbury. However, Tanya’s parents told her to sleep.

A few days later, Tanya read a story in the newspaper about a UFO sightings in their area.

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