Scientists Observe A UFO Orbiting Just 300 Miles Over Earth

A UFO erratically orbiting near the Earth has perplexed astronomers.

The extraterrestrial object is seen orbiting as close as 373 miles, or 600 km over Earth and researchers believe it could be an Empty Trash Bag Object (ETBO). Experts think it is remnants from a rocket launch, but they are not sure which one it came from. Due to their tiny size and light mass, ETBOs have random orbit pattern.

Experts say the strange UFO is likely a piece of flimsy material, such as rocket’s metallic foil.

Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) telescope in Hawaii first discovered the bewildering UFO dubbed A10bMLz.

Astronomers at Northolt Branch Observatory in London further analysed the ETBO. The mysterious object was seen stretching several metres across.

Northolt Branch said that the UFO is what is known as an empty trash bag object, which is a piece of light material left over from a rocket launch. However, it is not known yet when this rocket has been launched.

The object is orbiting the Earth at an average distance of 262,000 km at strange retrograde orbit.

ETBOS are a relatively common sight, but the A10bMLz surprised Northolt Branch Observatories because of its very distant orbit.

Astronomical software company Project Pluto said that they have no idea of the origin of this object at present because its past trajectory is really uncertain.

The extraterrestrial object is expected to soon incinerate in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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