US Woman Captures Mysterious Flying Objects Over Texas

A YouTube video showing nine dark dots that made the rounds online has caught the attention of UFO conspiracy enthusiasts. The mysterious objects were reportedly spotted over Odessa in Texas.

The video description states that the driver had spotted the mysterious air show while waiting at a traffic light.

The blogger thought of birds and balloons when she first saw the UFOs but later came to doubt after she noticed that one of the objects was larger and had a different shape. She also observed the larger object starting to flash like it was reflecting light from the sun.

The woman had to stop recording the video when she was going to drive from the traffic lights, but she said that the objects had all disappeared when she had managed to turn the car around.

The video shows two main UFOs with several strange dark spheres encircling them. Conspiracy theorists thought these two UFOs were exploring the area with the dark orbs as their probes.

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  1. What are “conspiracy theorists” conspiring?
    Did ‘conspiricy theorists’ conspire to take pictures of UFOs over the Pacific back in ’04? Did different “conspiracy theorists” (in uniform) conspire to report fast moving unidentified craft over the Atlantic recently.
    I think the term “conspiracy theorist’ has become a misnomer, particularly since the sightings by uniformed military personnel trained to “observe”.

  2. probabile falso fatto in post produzione…ci sono scorrimenti degli ufo e del fondo dell’immagine irregolari…anlizzo i puntini e poi vi dico… 🙂

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