‘Storm Area 51’ Turns Into Festival, May Feature Surprise Performance by Limp Bizkit

Conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts who were originally planning to storm Area 51 may now just be going to party in the desert.

After the creation of a Facebook page for the event to raid the actual military base went viral, the little motel near the secretive Air Force facility started booking up.

The original event “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” drew the attention of more than 2 million people who responded to attend the event scheduled for September 20. Several major brands also announced promotional tie-ins, including Bud Light as it announced an Area 51-themed beer and pledged a free drink to any ETs that escaped the facility. Arby’s also revealed that they would have a food truck at the event.

The event creator Matty Roberts is now planning to launch an actual alien-themed festival instead of raiding Area 51. Called as Alienstock, the festival is set to feature arts, live music, and camping under the sky. It is set to take place for the same dates as the original Area 51 event but does not include running faster than bullets and storming Area 51, which is a heavily guarded military base.

According to Alienstock website, the festival will be set in Rachel, a town in Nevada that reportedly holds a population of 54 permanent residents. The site claims to be working with an extraterrestrial-themed motel/restaurant The Little A’Le ‘Inn, which is the only motel/restaurant in the entire town.

The motel/restaurant website does put in a link to the Alienstock website. It announces the inn is booked solid for Alienstock. It also warns visitors to fill up their tanks at nearby towns as there’s no gas available in Rachel.

While no acts have been confirmed for the live music, Limp Bizkit will reportedly be performing in the area. Representatives for Limp Bizkit and Alienstock did not immediately return our requests for comment, but the band did a post on Instagram about performing at S4, a secretive location near Area 51.

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  1. That sounds like such a better and fun plan. Should be very interesting and quite the event. I feel a bit sorry for the 54 citizens of the nearest town.but they seem to be very enterprising.
    Can’t wait to see the media footage from Alien stock.


    You have created a monster that will ultimately cost the tax payers millions of dollars.

    Already the Pentagon has issued a statement saying that they will defend it’s U.S. Strategic Air force base according to the strictest limits of the law. The USAF has made the same announcement.
    READ THE SIGN: deadly force is authorized!

    I interviewed a man regarding this situation and he gave me a couple of examples that you should be mindful of.

    The first was of a reporter who showed up at the base demanding entrance to which the guard refused; so the reporter left the area.
    The next day however he returned then ran past (stormed) the guard shack, crossed the line and was promptly shot dead.

    The second was of a spy from Russia who some how made it past the first two barriers and was captured.
    After a harsh night of interrogation; he faced a fireing squad the next day, he to was shot dead.

    What are the implications here? The most obvious one to the creater of this stunt. If any nut does try to gain entrance to this facility (because they had one to many Bud Lights) this act of lawlessness will be directly attributed to you MATTY.

    Multiply your penalty under the law by however many rogue elements attend your “Alienstock” and attempt to breach security.

    You will have inadvertently enspired an act of terrorism (via enemy combatants) in the vicinity one of our militaries most sensitive and productive assets.

    This base is mostly responsible for producing our most advanced technology (allegedly) that keeps other Nations of the earth from stealing our vast wealth and resources (not to mention assessing other worldly threats).

    In addition, this base ruteinly dials out certain aspects of this high technology to Universities and private corporations for study to further the advancement of the people of Earth (i.e computers, internet, metelergy, ect.).

    This, in turn, is directly tied to the worlds economy and to the United States’ Gross domestic product, which gives us buying and borrowing power.
    So, we can survive as: “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”, in an increasingly complex and diverse global economy.

    Under the current climate of this administration and the fact that we’re quickly approaching a new election cycle;
    Don’t you think the authorities and powers to be have enough to worry about already?

    What you have done Matty is inexcusable! Similarly, to all those who have signed up to bacicly try to destabilize an already hypersensitive installation, I’ll say this:
    Imeadeately and with out delay you should all be placed on the no fly list and be branded as an enemy combatants of the United States of America.

    p.s. I’ll quote a former President of the United States of America when he said:
    “Beware of the Military Industrial Complex”!
    There is nothing that is out of bounds
    with these people and they will do
    everything in their power to protect this Nation and our Earth from any and all threats.

    There is still time: please stop this treachery before it’s too late!

    Move your “Alienstock” to the Las Vegas strip where you can safely say: “what happens in Vegas stays in Vagas”.

  3. Mr. Iverson, I fail to see how the feminine Hygiene product your mother used last night after we did the dance with no pants; has anything to do with the subject matter offered constructively in my comment.

    Living soul, when you start the third grade this year maybe you should try a little harder to get a better understanding of the English language. Your grasp is tenuous at best.
    At the rate your going, you’ll reach the legal drinking age before you reach the fourth grade.

    As for you Anonymous, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you. Settle, strengthen and establish yourself, because your adversary (the devil)
    walkith about seeking whom he may devour.
    Whom resits steadfast in the faith knowing the same afflictions that are accomplished in your brethren (Iverson and soul man) are in this world.

    ps insightful and thought provoking rebuttles are always welcome. Nonsense and twottle, not so much.

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