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This day in UFO History: Travis Walton Abduction

November 4, 2015 // 14 Comments

If the extraterrestrial hypothesis is controversial, then abductions of humans by alien beings is controversial squared, if not cubed. There’s intense polarization on the issue, not just between UFO skeptics and believers, but between the believers themselves. Is there a person who can share reality story of alien abductions? Famous […]

What Neurologist Discovered With Alien Abductions Victims

June 24, 2015 // 3 Comments

People claiming to have been abducted by aliens are considered mentally delusional. However, as stories of alien abduction become more and more mainstream, it is hard to dismiss the credibility of these alien abduction witnesses. The idea of aliens has been discussed for many years now by different persons. There […]

UFO Alien Abduction Case: Still Bothers Travis Walton

May 22, 2015 // 17 Comments

The most prolific abduction case in the history of ufology is the kidnapping case of Travis Walton, which happened more than 35 years ago. His disappearance has caused a hurricane of news controversy, reports, and skepticism. Throughout his entire adult life, Walton carried the emotional burden and the incident, for […]

British Artist Believes Aliens Channel Through Him

January 11, 2015 // 11 Comments

An artist from Britain claimed to have experienced alien abduction, and now extraterrestrials are projecting ideas into his brain that inspire him to do more paintings. Thirty-three-year-old Lloyd Canning believes extraterrestrials first captured him in 2005 after seeing a giant spaceship floating over his car. He says that he felt […]

New interview with Travis Walton

October 24, 2014 // 7 Comments

Here’s the new interview with the most famous UFO abductee Travis Walton. He was abducted back in 1975 while working in in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. Almost 40 years later he still sticks to his original story. He was interviewed by Robert Perala.

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