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Argentina UFO: Is It a ‘Pleiadian’ or Nordic Alien Base?

June 27, 2016 // 3 Comments

Humans live believing that they are the only ones that exist on earth, which is why the alleged existence of aliens has long been a debatable topic. Nordic or Pleiadians aliens refer to the alien race, which are extraterrestrial humanoid creatures from the cluster of stars. Recently, paranormal researchers have […]

Paradigm Research Group Wants A Different Form Of Disclosure

June 18, 2016 // 3 Comments

It has been reported many times that Hillary Clinton will dig deeper into the UFO issues once she becomes the next U.S. president. UFOlogists and conspiracy theorists have been claiming that several governments have evidence of extraterrestrial visitations, but keeping it secret to the public because of fear of potential […]

An Expert Warns Human Race Has No Match Against Alien Invasion

June 15, 2016 // 9 Comments

The extraterrestrial threat may not be the same as what Hollywood movies are trying to portray where humans put up a defiant fight against alien invasion. Top scientist Dr Michio Kaku, who believes there’s life out there undiscovered, suggests that aliens can destroy humanity very quickly. However, he claims they […]

Secret Space: The Hidden Truth

May 30, 2016 // 5 Comments

Since approximately 1980, a Secret Space program has been in full operation and kept secret from the world. Accredited History Professor and UFO Researcher Richard Dolan has spent the better part of 20 years gathering evidence about this Black Budget, Secret Space Program. In this fully illustrated presentation , Richard […]

British UFO Encounter: Aliens Interested in Nuclear Weapons

May 28, 2016 // 3 Comments

Gary Heseltine is a recently retired police detective having served almost 24 years with the British Transport police in England. He came forward with astounding information which sheds new light on the most famous case in the Britain. The 56-year old claims that the extraterrestrials were interested in the nuclear […]

UFOs And Government Secrecy

May 23, 2016 // 2 Comments

Author and Researcher Grant Cameron is a leading expert on the clandestine world of the UFO cover-up. Grant Cameron does more than demonstrate the reality of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Through tenacious investigations and impeccable research, Grant Cameron shines a light into the CIA, NSA, Air Force, Navy, and […]

Stash of Nuclear Weapons Links To British UFO Encounter

May 19, 2016 // 14 Comments

A former police officer has come forward saying that aliens in the famous British UFO encounter were curious to know the secret stash of nuclear weapons. Gary Heseltine has made the revelations after officers claimed to have spotted a UFO at RAF Bentwaters travelling around 120 miles in eight seconds. […]

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