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Fast UFO filmed over Tver region, Russia 7-Aug-2016

August 8, 2016 // 0 Comments

Here’s one interesting footage of a very bright and fast object flying across the sky above Tver region, western of Moscow in Russia. This was filmed on 7th August 2016. Witness report: This night (August 07 2016) i watched satellites and meteors in the night vision device. Suddenly i saw […]

Bright UFO Travels Low Over A Siberian Field In Russia

August 5, 2016 // 6 Comments

Massive, luminous UFO was seen traveling above Russia and gliding low over a Siberian field. The ball of light amazed and at the same time scared locals who witnessed the rare phenomenon. The shaky footage of the apparent UFO seems to show a glowing object going towards the camera, before […]

UFO flying over Tyumen, Russia 28-Jul-2016

July 29, 2016 // 1 Comment

Here’s one really interesting footage of a huge unidentified flying object flying across the sky above Tyumen, the largest city and the administrative center of Tyumen Oblast, Russia. This was filmed on 28th July 2016.

Extraterrestrial-Like Body In Russia

April 18, 2016 // 10 Comments

Russian police officers found the body of a little creature in the town of Kyshtym in the Chelyabinsk region in 1996. The local media dubbed the thing as Kyshtym alien due to its minute size and unusual features. A local doctor did an autopsy on the body and discovered it […]

Mass UFO Sighting Near Lake Baikal in Russia

February 19, 2016 // 7 Comments

A UFO was seen flying slowly through the skies in several cities and towns near Lake Baikal in Siberia. People in these areas posted videos and photos online to support their accounts. Many witnesses are coming from residents in Irkutsk region. They say the UFO has a resemblance of a […]

Russian Expert Confirms UFO Video Sighting As Authentic

February 5, 2016 // 13 Comments

Experts declared a video footage showing a cluster of UFOs authentic. Taken in the sky of Moscow, the video shows four unidentified lights that seem to hover and swoop in apparently synchronised flying. The video has gotten thousands of views, mostly from people in Russia that are intrigued by the […]

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