Huge UFO Orb landing in Kozhukhova, Russia ??? FULL VIDEO!

Here’s one possible UAP video that’s making a lot of noise in a UFO community recently. It was allegedly taken in Kozhukhova, a discrict in eastern part of Moscow, Russia a few days ago.

What do you think this is? UFO or some ORB or something more terrestrial?

Your opinion?
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  1. They only show because of nuclear weapons behave yourself Russia they know you have been running the muck Russia they are to observe Russia and the U.S.A. acting like primitive morons they said the kids are playing with matches again.

  2. UFO Opinion
    It is about time that some people remove their blinders ant look at the facts. Some believe that ET’S want and or need the Earth. Thank about it. Some suppose they want to mine the earth, that is laughable. The solar system as well as the entirety of the universe is full of all the minerals such as asteroids just waiting to be picked up. And it’s all free for the taking. And as fore as wanting to colonies. with trillions of better planets much better and mostly vacant. That is a joke.
    So take all this with a grain of salt and have a wonderful life.

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