Russia’s Secret UFO Files

Unearth the enigmatic world of UFOs and government cover-ups in WEAPONIZED, Episode #13: Russia’s Secret UFO Files. Join Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp as they delve into the largest UFO study ever conducted by the Russian military during the tumultuous post-Cold War era. Get exclusive insights from never-before-heard interviews with high-ranking officials, scientists, and key witnesses involved in the Ministry of Defense program. Discover how both the Russian and US governments kept the truth from their citizens, and unlock the mysteries surrounding UFO technology, paranormal phenomena, and top-secret government projects. Immerse yourself in a captivating journey, where curiosity becomes your weapon to challenge the unknown.

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  1. Now that the silence has been broken, we will see much, much more about aliens, etc. there is so much out there, held at bay by people who were afraid to come forward. No more. Mark my words. Additionally, the United States has been working with “aliens” for years. But take care. The people will be lied to, and mislead. But, over time, the truth will prevail. Enjoy.

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