Lightship photographed over Toronto

Latest UFO sightings -Cigar-shaped lightship photographed over Toronto – Ontario, Canada on 16th March 2010 between 6:30 pm and 8 pm.
I took these photos of this object hovering by a new building that was recently built in the downtown core of Toronto, Canada. I have been debating weather or not to send them to someone. After seeing the report from the woman from Florida I believe it is the same thing she saw. I almost fell over when I saw the sketches on your site today. I was on my balcony 22 floors up when I saw the object at about 6:30 PM. As it got darker out I could tell this was really something. So my friend and I took pictures of it. The pictures were taken at about 7 PM and were taken with a Nikon D-40 with a zoom lens 55-200. The object stayed for about an hour and a half. We did not see it move or leave. As we had things to get done and were too busy to watch this thing forever. Please post these pictures s wherever you can. I don’t know what else to do with them. I hope they give the lady in Florida some assurance of what she saw. However, it might not even be the same things, but the sketches were too familiar for me not to say anything. I have seven pictures in total. …u can only upload two through your web form so if anybody wants more, I will be happy to send them.
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