Triangle UFO spotted over Manchester, UK

Latest UFO sightings – Triangle UFO or Orbs in triangle formation were filmed in Manchester, England on Wednesday, 7th April 2010 around 9:45 pm.
Got a call from a mate at around 21:45 to get out on my balcony & check out some lights moving about to the South…before i got the camera started i saw the 3 lights spin round quickly before slowly coming to a stop, very smooth rotation at a slight angle. Camera work again isn’t the best but i rushed out & had nowhere to rest the camera, plus i had a load of mates clambering over me to look as well so plenty others saw it too. Hung around for a short while before dimming out one by one…very strange sighting, seen nothing like it before, either it was one big object or 3 seperate lights.
Author (DuffMan790 @ youtube)
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