UFO activity over Geelong, Australia

Latest UFO sightings – UFO activity recorded in Highton, a residential suburb of Geelong, Victoria, Australia on Monday, 19th April 2010.

April 22nd, 2010 – Strange lights have been spotted in the sky over Geelong.

BREAKING NEWS AMAZING footage captured by a Highton businessman shows mystery balls of light zigzagging across Corio Bay, prompting speculation it was UFOs.
Businessman Anthony Raduka filmed the footage from the deck of his Highton home about midnight on Monday.
The footage shows balls of light flying over Corio Bay at great speed, dipping as low as street level before zigzagging back up through the sky.
The balls change colour and shape during the 20 mins of footage recorded.
Mr Raduka said the light was too fast to be an aircraft and it travelled in irregular directions.
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“We have watched fighter jets from our deck when the airshow is on and these lights were going ten times quicker,” he said.
“It could be a UFO, I don’t know what they are. All of the things we thought of didn’t explain the fact it changed colour or that it was going so fast.”
Mr Raduka said he had never seen anything like it in his life.
“We just stood there for about half an hour, trying to work out what it could be,” he said.
“They go over rooftops so they are too low to be an aircraft.”

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  1. im from geelong – corio to be exact, i never saw or heard anything so i dont know<br />but its intresting because they do seem to stay still in the air for a few seconds each…so i dont know

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