Daytime UFO activity over Toronto, Canada

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown objects was photographed in the sky over Toronto, Canada on Saturday, 29th May 2010.
On May 29, 2010 my friends and I were having a barbeque in my backyard. My girlfriend said she had seen something strange shoot through the sky but we dismissed it as an illusion. A minute later one of my friends said he saw something too. This time I decided to grab my camera and when a third object flew by I snapped a couple of photographs before it disappeared.
Eight people were with me at the time and all saw the object! It moved incredibly fast and even appeared to shape-shift while it was moving. The object was moving at around 450-600 km/h.
Author: Jacob

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  1. There are so many naive people out there. Stuff likes this negates anything real from having validity. When viewing these photos, what is one telltale sign this is not what it appears to be? Answer: The photo is extremely blurry. Even the worst cameras today are capable of taking better pictures than that. Now what would be an educated guess of what the object is? It is…. Dun dun dun! A

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