Spectrum Radio Network Chris Rutkowski – Canadian UFO Report 23-Nov-2010

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An astronomer, Chris has been studying reports of UFOs [or PFTs – “pesky flying things”, as he sometimes likes to call them] since the mid-1970s. A writer and editor for science and technology publications, he also writes about his investigations and research into UFO cases.
He publishes, along with Geoff Dittman, ‘The Canadian UFO Survey’, an annual compilation of UFO Reports from across Canada.
Chris has had five books published: ‘Visitations?’ (1989) and ‘Unnatural History’ (1993), the latter of which is in its third printing. ‘Mysterious Manitoba’ (1997), co-authored with Dave Creighton and Brian Fidler, 1997, ‘Abductions & Aliens – What’s Really Going On’ published by Dundurn, 1999, The Canadian UFO Report with Geoff Dittman and The Big Book of UFOs September 2010 also by Dundurn.

Note: All parts of the UFO radio show are avaliable in this player!

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