Triangle-shaped UFO hovering over Penang, Malaysia 12-Nov-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Some kind of triangle-shaped object was recorded hovering in the sky over Penang in Malaysia on Friday, 12th November 2010.
Witness report: A UFO i saw with my family, about 500-600 feet away or maybe more. the way it moves around dosent look like a plane, or helicopter, and certainly not a RC plane, the wind that night is way too strong, a storm was approaching,.
When first spotted, it dint move at all, and slowly it moves t the right just gliding thru the sky, and back to the left.
Noticed it has a bright in the center, and two other lights beside it, helicopter dosent have those lights.. they have only two, and it changes positions.. this lights i captured dosent. and as ive explained.. it sure isnt a RC plane.
So UFO, it is.. and finally it went downwards….
And when it went down, you can clearly see that its infornt of Penang bridge, and behind this apartments.
When i say UFO dosent mean its an Alien, im just saying its ‘Unidentified Flying Object’… coz i dont know what on earth it is!!!!!!!
Any explanation?
Author (Stylerden @ youtube)

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  1. The location seems to be in Singapore and not in Penang.<br />I don&#39;t think is an aeroplane,cause it suddenly descent downward so quickly when it was hovering for quite sometime at the same spot…looks to me like someone is playing with those remote control leds UFO which is quite popular here in SG. Some of this UFO remote control toys can actually fly more than 12 storeys high up but only

  2. this is in penang definitely..the camera is facing towards penang bridge. might be rc control toys..but in penang and especially that area where the &quot;UFO&quot; went down don&#39;t have people play this kind of people in penang played this kinda stuff to be honest..mayb you could see some small size heli in gurney drive area but definitely not here

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