Santa Monica UFO sightings update Dec-2010

Analysis of 7 different videos in different places in Santa Monica, California from early December 2010.

UFOs in Santa Monica on 1st & 8th December – A Full Story incl. TV reports, UFO clips, interviews with witnesses and more…

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  1. At the end of the video please note 3 or 4 separate streaking objects that seem to fly past and above the falling larger light. They streak right to left quite quickly. Are these objects or is it some kind of reflection of the windshield of the car?

  2. Although I missed this one, even though I live in Santa Monica, I cant put my finger down and say it is for sure a UFO. I dont think the way it moved was typical of the many ufos we have seen. But who knows, maybe it is. I see a lot of weird stuff in the sky in LA and it doesnt get reported…things are going on out here. I do think disclosure is coming soon…its time.

  3. It is funny, how this "scientist" says it could have been a metheor. Metheors fall down slowly and zig-zagging? This scientist think that we are all stupids? It is a real shame to have "scientists" like this one. I can only hope not all of them are as cinical and disrespectful for people as the one portraited in this video.

  4. well scientists are conditioned skeptics and until they can prove something is true they are gonna assume its not real. bill nuy is just going with that tangent because he is a scientist and also famous, he surely is not going to jump on the band wagon and say omg yes it could be, so that he can be criticized later for coming to that conclusion with out anything concrete to back it up. i have

  5. i cant say for sure this is real or maybe its a reflection or it was orange and streaking , bla bla bla. is their anyone left with any common sense. wow! i knew you approvel people would wussy out and not post my last comment. maybe your part of the problem. cant be to blunt ,right i mean after all we dont live in america anymore with free speech. you should be ashamed of yourself. shawn r

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