Interesting footage of UFO activity over Powhatan in Virginia 17-Jan-2011

Latest UFO sightings 2011 – This interesting footage of 3 UFOs (or maybe one triangle-shaped craft) being followed by a craft with a flashing light was recorded in Powhatan in Virginia on Monday, 17th January 2011 around 3:30 am.
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Witness repor: Military craft following 3 UFO’s
This is my first UFO sighting in the 30 years of living here. I noticed 3 faint red lights in front of a blinking craft. At first I thought it was a single object until they flew overhead. You can barely see the red lights half way through the clip when I take the night vision away. Luckily I had just been out spotting deer with the night vision and camera. The red light in the middle is very dim at the start of the clip.Towards the end of the clip the middle light is much brighter. Sorry for the strong language but that was my natural reaction. This happened near Powhatan. VA around 3:30 in the morning January 17th. The sky is very quite at that time. In the UFO videos I have seen, they are always flying so I thought I could provoke them to land or at least turn around, but no such Luck. I probably get that from watching Ghost Adventures since they seem to provoke the ghost to do anomalous things. The blinking craft could be one of ours or one of them – the faint red lights were definitely not a craft of any sort – they were very faint with a see through appearance.
Author (GhostKnight81 @ youtube)

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  1. Ok People, first this dudes credibilty sucks. He is commiting a crime when he sees this object. Are we going to believe a person that could be a criminal (He is innocent until proven guilty)? If you view the video closely or dont even give it a second look you can tell all four lights are moving in the same direction, same speed and relative to one another. They are all on one aircraft. Now, what

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