UFO video recorded by NASA during space walk in July 2010

UFO videos – Camera caught an unidentified flying objects during the Russian Space Walk 024 aboard the ISS on 28th July 2010.

Youtube poster comment: I just can not believe that this has not been bigger news… This is incredible! Listen to what they are saying, at first it seems as if they go into a panic and then I believe that they use a code word “Antenna”… You are going to want to listen to the audio closely more than once… Then this round UFO is like the ones from the “Tether Incident” where the 11 mile tether broke free and was surrounded by round UFO’s similar to this one shown in this video… Look at all the flashes of different colors, some of that has to do with radiation …
Author (BeePeeOilDisaster @ youtube)

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  1. are all those blinks and flashes around the ISS stars.or is it all the sattalits we as a human race put up to just get are sorry lazy butts moving these days,,13,000 at the last count,,

  2. Interesting tumbling washer like thing or doughnut space critter passing by.<br />Pretty bad video seems NASA could do better ha,ha.<br />Thanks for sharing!

  3. I don&#39;t want to discredit this video, but it&#39;s making a huge deal about a tiny space jellyfish, which, granted that is weird, doesn&#39;t fall under the usual UFO categories we&#39;re used to seeing. And it bothers me that they keep pointing out other symbols in the video that do not make any sense to me, or require a huge amount of imagination. Still, what the hell was that shiny thing?

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