Most remarkable UFO sightings in March 2011

Most remarkable UFO sightings in March 2011 by

early March 2011; triangle UFO – Kinuso in Alberta, Canada

March 2011; multipe UFOs – Apatzingan in Michoacan, Mexico

March 2011; triangle formation – Killeen in Texas

March 2011; UFO – Lybia

March 2011; daytime UFO – Cusco, Peru

1st March 2011; unknown lights – Portland, Oregon

6th March 2011; UFO – Moscow, Russia

7th March 2011; 2 linked lights – near STS-133

9th March 2011; multiple UFOs – south Australia

11th March 2011; triangle UFO – Lowell, Massachusetts

13th March 2011; daytime UFO – volcano in Sakurajima, Japan

14th March 2011; daytime UFO – south California, USA

14th March 2011; triangle UFO – Dunedin in New Zealand

19th March 2011; triangle UFO – Clearwater, Florida

19th March 2011; unknown craft – Riverbank, California

20th March 2011; unknown lights – Lafayette near Denver in Colorado

23rd March 2011; triangle formation – St. Petersburg, Russia

26th March 2011; 2 huge lights – Taiwan

26th March 2011; unknown lights – Bogota, Colombia

26th March 2011; unknown lights in triangle formation – San Antonio, Texas

27th March 2011; daytime UFO fleet – Kazakhstan

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  1. Esto está muy bueno hacer un resumen de todos los avistajes más sobresalientes del mes de marzo. ++ It´s very good to give a summary all main month sighting cases and do it month by month.

  2. I do believe in UFO's and alien life forms. However, I also believe that many of these "sightings" are actually technology from those among us that we are not privy to. When "they" decide to visit us, we'll know it.

  3. UFO simply means something in the atmosphere is unidentified at this time. Anyone who doesn't believe in that is simply misguided at best since there are many things we see that are unidentifiable at the exact moment we see them. On the other hand, to believe that in the entire universe there could not be at least one other sentient species would be highly homo-chauvinistic!

  4. UFOS are from our Heavenly Father it is a message to the inhabitants of the earth to repent and seek him and his son Jessus Christ and if you dont think so ask him and he will tell you the truth. I know my Father in Heaven is watching all the inhabitants of the earth with His ufos,be carefull in what you think about ufos are, because He is watching you!

  5. can someone please get a camera and lens with better focus and zoom, hold it steady and zoom right into the thing and focus so we can see whats there rather than just blurry light. that might help resolve the "unidentified" problem we've always had

  6. With all the HG cameras out there as well as all the television station cameras (portable), It really urks me that there isn't a current HD image captured as of yet. IR technology is also being used but no has posted any sightings using that technology yet either.

  7. Let me tell you the truth, alien life forms are being used to make profits. Are you using that technology? focus, Zoom, from camera image to HD television. Unidentified; we see them. What do you think you're watching on the television station? don't be dumb.

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