UFO’s Do Exist And The Evidence From Fort Benning Proves It!

Don’t believe in UFOs? Command Sergeant Major James Norton has proof. Norton, was a buck sergeant at Fort Benning, Georgia at the time of the incident. The date is one Norton will never forget, September 14, 1977. Norton and approximately 1300 troops were trying out their new weapons systems (JAW) when something unexpected happened. They were performing a live fire around midnight and then orbs suddenly appeared out of nowhere into the night sky. The soldiers opened fired, lasers started crisscrossing through the sky, explosions were going off and military helicopters suddenly appeared. There was an order of “cease fire” and then Norton and his fellow soldiers saw it, a triangle shaped UFO sat hovering in the night sky.
Command Sergeant Major James Norton
The next thing Norton remembers is that he is in the middle of the woods. He doesn’t know how he got there or remember going to the range. He had a burn on his body that seemed to come from an unknown red substance. When he returned to the base he and many of the soldiers fell ill with very high temperatures. There are lapses in his memory of the incident that he cannot remember. Norton says he attended hypnosis sessions to find out what had happened to him. During one of these sessions, it was recorded that he was abducted by the UFO and his body was probed and samples taken by these unidentified beings.
Almost immediately after the incident happened, the military began its cover up. The soldier were instructed to say nothing of what happened that late night. The post was temperarily closed and the shot down military helicopters were never reported to the FAA. The UFO debris was collected by two unmarked jets never to be seen again. Unknown to the governement, Norton had also been back to the crash site and found a piece of the UFO. It is metallic in color and has unknown hieroglyphics on it. All these years he kept this undestructible piece of metal buried away, but now he wants to prove his claim that UFO’s do exists!
Norton is no longer living in Georgia and is now in Alabama at Fort McClellan. He said during his time in Georgia, he had video footage of our military test flying UFOs at Fort Benning.On the video, UFOs of all colors can be seen in the night sky and one traveling across the horizon in a matter of 2 seconds. He claims to still have possession of this incredible UFO activity right here in the USA. He also commented that the base was doing chemical and biological experiments.

John Vasquez interviewed Norton at length for his book, “Incident at Fort Benning” and all of this information is given to its readers in great detail. Do UFO’s really exist? Has the government been covering up the knowledge of UFOs all these years? You be the judge but I know there are some soldiers from Fort Benning, Georgia that have seen it with their own eyes.
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Incident At Fort Benning

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