UFO video filmed in Leyton, London, UK 24-Mar-2011

UFO video 2011 – This unknown bright object was seen and recorded hovering in the night sky over Leyton in London, UK on Thursday, 24th March 2011.

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  1. I don't understand how someone who was witnessing such an 'other-worldly' craft would only record 21 seconds of video. It's renders the video's veracity questionable at the least.

  2. re: dont understand recording only 21 seconds..<br />I cant speak for others..but my sighting was unexpected and so quick that to pull camera out, focus, film…would likely result in less than 21 seconds of useable footage

  3. STREET LIGHT most def.but they are out there i live in orpington(kent)and see things all the time in the summer, i ain&#39;t seen shit all winter.things are just picking up.i see a lot of white orbs some bout as high as a planes and the others are well out of our atmosphere also not all moving in dead straight lines like Sat&#39;s but making quite prominent turns

  4. I seen the same thing over Walthamstow in london which is the next area after leyton and I can say the ufo was a zeppelin or blimp with the advertising of good years on it .

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