Actual Close Encounter For MUFON Star Team…They Are Out There!

A moment in time; just one second can change everything you believe in. That is what happened to an Chief Investigator Max Mitchell for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). The date was April 20, 2010 and the witness claimed to see glowing orange fireballs in the night sky. He would also see up to 27 clusters of red and white lights hovering and maneuvering in the sky, almost nightly. He claimed that others in the area had also seen this strange activity. To start investigation, MUFON investigator made contact with the witness, documented what he saw and asked him to call back when more events happened. Needless, to say, UFO expert got to know the witness rather well, as he called daily about the ever present light show. This guy wasn’t some sort of weirdo that sat in his lounge chair waiting for an UFO to fly by. He was a professional businessman that was well thought of in the community. He had lived his entire life in this farmland and was a man of integrity.
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Fast forward two weeks later, Mitch and a secondary investigator are on the way to Tennessee. No longer than ten minutes after the night fall arrival, there is a light in the sky and soon after several more appear. They head to the middle on a newly planted corn field to get a better view of the sky and his assistant set up all his equipment to catch the events on film and sound. There the lights were as the witness had described to him earlier hovering in the sky, all different colors. Then they see a triangle of white lights with a red light in the center coming closer. When they grab their equipment to record this aircraft none of the equipment would work and seemed to be frozen. This UFO flies directly over their heads and disappears. As soon as it passes by, their equipment starts working again. Then suddenly they all felt that hair rising fear that something or someone is watching nearby. It was such a chilling feeling that they all start to run and then in a second, they see it. There in the middle of that cornfield in rural Tennessee is a “being not from this planet” standing 3 ½ feet tall (1 meter) right in front of them. They run in a panic back to the truck, as pure fear runs thru their veins.

They’ve documented what they saw that night and gave a conference regarding it for the MUFON. Sometimes sightings are merely a fluke, but the fact that UFOs exist and so do “alien” life forms is very real… You learned that in a second of time….A second that they will never forget. (c) 2011
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  1. The full report of this case was posted on UFO Casebook. There seems to be a discrepancy in the names of the actual hands-on investigators involved. Please see full report on UFO Casebook.

  2. The "UFOs" that have 3 white lights in a triangle shape and the red flashing light in the center are airplanes, dumbshits. Also,did you ever think once that maybe the meter high "being not from this planet" could be a child? Seriously, this story is the biggest BS I've ever heard.

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