Flying saucer over Lake Havasu, Arizona – July 2009

LUFOS – Remarkable daytime UFO sighting video of disc-shaped object hovering above Lake Havasu in Arizona. This footage was recorded on 3rd July 2009.

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  1. This is almost certainly fake! The object teeters back and forth like a swinging pendulum in the wind or in slow motion. Also, the videographer never gets a steady centered shot that's in focus.

  2. This video is a copy of a sighting reported over a year ago. Go to You Tube and type; UFO Lake Havasu.<br />This isn&#39;t a recent or a new sighting. The facts should be corrected.

  3. this is a balloon, fact or faked did an episode on this one and found out they were doing a promo down at the lake and they had a balloon there shaped like a UFO…

  4. I loved the clarity!Thanks for viable significant proof that we have Flying Saucers in our midst!In my mind,I REALLY want to know the diameter of this domestic or foreign craft !Would LOVE more, Thanks !

  5. to bad this is a sawed off screw nut a bolt tied to a damn power line. the wind was blowing making it moveee. duhh

  6. Of course the government is going to have someone claim they had a UFO shaped baloon down at the lake doing some promo shots. Yeah right! Of course they&#39;re going to lie. You don&#39;t think they&#39;re gonna say, &quot;Oh damn, you busted us! Ok, yeah we had a real UFO up there doing some reverse engineering. I guess the jig is up!&quot;. Nope, they lie and deny! Check out the exhaust trails

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