Latest crop circle found in Italy: Braccagni in Grosseto 4-Jun-2011

This new crop circle was reported from Braccagni in Grosseto, Italy on Saturday, 4th June 2011.

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  1. if there is alien, they come to earth whizzing thru millions of light years, they should dialogue with us or show us we are not alone, why only draw a crop circle, Alien is stupid.

  2. The crop circles have been done many times by people…that's been proven, why do people still insist chalking them up to aliens?

  3. Some crop circles are done by people as hoaxes, not all. There is a difference, tests of plants, soil etc. show unusual substances in real crop circles. Just as there are real UFO's and fakes, there are real alien crop circles and human-made ones. Research will tell you that we have enough evidence to support real crop circles and real UFO's.I believe in time, aliens will show themselves.

  4. like i said go to the crop circle connecter and see the brilliant circles that have been happening for over 300 years!man would love to explain this but can't.i don't know why it is so unbelievable (to certain people), that we as humans are the ONLY species!!!!!!!!just like birds,snakes,monkeys etc.there are so many species of each thing!!!!!!!

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