New photos of triangle formation over Michigan, USA 11-Jun-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This photos of unknown bright objects in triangle formation were recorded flying across the sky over Michigan in United States on Saturday, 11th June 2011 around 8 pm.
Witness report: At around 8pm, a single sphere like object had come over the tree line and jutted down in a quick motion and then continued on in a straight path. Soon after, 4 more objects appeared with the first three in a triangular pattern with two following. After about 2 or 3 minutes of the objects moving slowly through the sky, they were gone. About an hour later, all five reappeared from the same spot on the tree line, this sighting is from when the pics were taken. The first pic was underexposed to stop the movement, whereas the other two were with a slower shutter to capture the light too. (1st pic is a 1/160 second two (taken a second apart) were at 1/8). Again, after moving slowly through the sky, they one by one disappeared. I again saw them at around 11:20pm. Once again, came out of the same part of the treeline, moved across the sky for about 2-3min and vanished.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. My husband and son saw one of these bright pots going across the sky on Sat., June 11, 2011 around 10:26 PM in West Bloomfield, MI.

  2. I live in Canton Ohio< Meyers Lake. On 6/11/11 same nite as you, I and 3 friends saw the exact same thing! Just as you described and looked just like the pic other then we saw 4 circular lights. It was approx 930pm here!

  3. Excellent photo which is clear and not vague. Also photo is credible without any music or hyped-up sounds in the background.

  4. We had a hazardous material/tanker explosion incident @ the TA Truck Stop in Sawyer, MI tonight (7/21/11) @ 10:00pm. My husband & I were on our way home (11:00pm) taking a back road to our house because the roads were closed by I94. As we were traveling down Three Oaks Rd I saw the exact formation of lights pictured here on this website! Only there were more of them (3 or 4 maybe) to the left

  5. The only time I saw UFOs was a few years ago in Northern Indiana which is very close to Michigan. I saw three UFOs form a triangle and the way they moved was just as described in this article. They moved very quick and smooth it looked so unreal. After the triangle they all just went up in space it was so unnatural.

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