Remarkable UFO over Orlando, Florida 10-Jun-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Interesting daytime fast UFO was recorded above Orlando in Florida on Friday, 10th June 2011.

Footage and analysis

It looks like this video is a fake. Read the comment section below for more info!

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  1. fake. nice attempt but poor. cloud and weather reports contradict how the clouds reaction was percived. you will see if you put this footage through spectro , the clouds react before the object enters them. nice plane though.

  2. i watched it about 10 times. i think it is fake. knowing that the cloud is really huge the smoke ring disappears to fast after the "ufo" comes out. just my two cents.

  3. I read post youtube someone named sharktelevision originally posted this video said it was not real,just entertainment.I was a little entertained,but not much.

  4. admitted hoax<br />from the original youtube poster<br /><br />Warning: this video is for entertainment purposes only and Shark Network Television is making no claims to the authenticity of the footage. This video is meant for entertainment purposes only once again and in no way conveys our thoughts or opinions on the validity of the conent<br /><br />

  5. That doesn&#39;t mean it&#39;s fake I mean seriously. That&#39;s just protection against the hounds from hell who like to go after what they don&#39;t believe.

  6. Somehow I don&#39;t think this is a fake at all. I&#39;ve looked at the origianl footage on Youtube, slowed the footage down and scrutinised it many times. Look what happens when the craft exits the cloud and the &quot;whisp&quot; created from that. Also there appears to be a smaller second craft that follows behind it, it&#39;s hard to see but when the footage is slowed down it does become

  7. For me is not fake. I would like to know if somebody could have a contac with the pilots. Perhaps they could see this sighting near of them.

  8. Pilots probably wont talk considering thier jobs…..Ive seen these aircraft before and whether it is from here or another country or another planet, this is not good….chances are if they are flying about all overv the world and they are like that ufo in 2010 over Japan, they had to close down the airport, they are not afraid of us or someone has told them they can do whatever they want….

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