Daytime UFO was seen and recorded over Montreal, Canada 9-Jul-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This new daytime footage of some kind of disc-shaped object was recorded in Montreal in Canada on Saturday, 9th July 2011.
This unknown object looks very similar to the one recorded above Vancouver, Canada on 5th June 2011 – link

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  1. This is a mylar balloon. <br />Welcome Sun Shape<br />1- 24in. Mylar Balloon<br />Item: #723217<br />UPC Code: 026635159678<br />Price: $4.98 ea.<br />Look at about 2:11 in the video. Color and shape match exactly to the balloon listed above that can be found at

  2. This very same object has been seen and filmed in Mexico this year by a couple of children. Its also popped up in other areas of the world. It has an unmistakable shape. In some of the other videos &quot;on youtube&quot; of this object. I have seen the outer &quot;tentacles&quot; shape shift and move. As if alive. When you see this once or twice in the same area you tend to write it off as a

  3. &quot;This is a mylar balloon. Welcome Sun Shape 1- 24in. Mylar Balloon Item: #723217 UPC Code: 026635159678 Price: $4.98 ea.&quot;<br /><br />O&#39;tay….and I have this beautiful island for sale, comes with it&#39;s own dancing native girls and everything….looks just like Hawaii from a distance ….only $4.98<br /><br />How much do you debunking shills cost the Amerikan taxpayers annually,

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