UFO fleet over Massachusetts 11-Mar-2011

UFO sightings – Interesting video of UFO fleet in the sky above Massachusetts. This footage was filmed on 11th March 2011.
Witness report: On march 11,2011 I went to my bedroom to smoke a cigarette. As I lit my cigarette I looked out my bedroom window (the blinds were up) and I saw four amber balls of light in a diamond shape drifting across the sky.I called my husband to see it and as we watched these lights they proceeded to change shape to a triangle type shape. so I ran for the video camera. I recorded the last part of the first “wave” and all of the 2nd wave & 2 pictures of the 3rd.
The 2nd wave were 6 lights 2 in front and 4 following behind. They wern’t very fast & seemed to float across the sky. What are they I don’t know. I’m not very technical so I played the tape thru the t.v. and recorded it to my digatal camera. After the 2nd wave I was not expecting a 3rd wave to come by. The 3rd wave was about 8-10 of these balls of light in 2 strange formations. I tried to take pic’s of these formations but they wouldn’t show up on several pic’s,however I do have 2 pic’s that show a single ball of light in the lower right of the stills.
Sorry for the language in the video,we were shocked!
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Back in 1976 approx 5pm, I just left work I was stopped at a redlight ( my boyfriend a the time was driving me home.) right behind the Worcester Auditorium-. Straight ahead just ahead above the Worcester Armory- the Old North High school was straight ahead- I seen a silver thing in the sky-something was shinning ( it was a sunny day),this craft flew very fast and was quite low to the ground.

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