Aliens Link As Responsible for Nuclear Accident in Japan

There are speculations that some big disasters are created by extraterrestrials. Many people claim that they have seen UFOs, and some of them affirm that they have close encounters with aliens. Most of them said that their encounters with aliens suggest that extraterrestrials are not harmful. However, many UFO and alien researchers would say that natural disaster such as an earthquake in Fukushima, Japan is made possible by extraterrestrials who wanted to de-populate Earth.

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  1. That article is the biggest disinformation I have ever seen. All fear based and fear mongering. It is all aimed at the AL Quaeida Alien!! All figment of 100 % cabal imagination to create more fear, which will give them more control. Their aim is to weaponize space, so that Earth would be out of reach for all civilizations for ever! And ALL Cabal controlled. The Alien Terrorist Theory. Please

  2. No, no, God did it. Either the Christian one or the Muslim one, or maybe some other god. That's EXACTLY what this rubbish is. Instead of GOD, plug in ALIEN, and we can somehow justify all of the terrible things that happen on planet Earth. We live on a geologically active planet (it may be why we developed at all), and stuff happens. Get a life, grow some neurons and LIVE WITH IT.

  3. incredible! Okay they have seen ufo near fukushima! me to! but they came only after the catastrophe LOL whats a fucking disinformation! aliens are our guardians in many ways an they 're nor responsable of human stupidity, they had many many time warned about nuclear…

  4. fukk the bs there out there waiting on that perfect time to showw upp whn the goverment gives them the goo then they kum down here and wipe out certain areas where there will rebuild and start a new colony only the rich infested basterd at the top will survive till thenn we grow and unite and smoke the bestt weeds out there and enjoyy are time here….

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