Blacker than Coal Alien Planet Discovered

August 2011 – It may be difficult to picture out a planet blacker than coal, but that is what astronomers claim they have found in our home galaxy with NASA’s Kepler space telescope. The newly found gas-giant planet TrES-2b is dark with a minimal red glow, as estimated by experts. Orbiting merely around 3,000,000 miles out from its star, the Jupiter-size gas giant planet, named TrES-2b, is heated up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit (980 degrees Celsius). Yet the seemingly inky world seems to reflect practically none of the starlight that shines on it, as per to a new research.

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  1. Did you guy's even read the whole article? It says nothing about aliens. Just describes a new planet found. It's best to read the actual article before you comment on it.

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