UFO sightings over Kansas City – Jul-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Area UFO watchers report making several sightings in the Kansas City area last weekend (July / August 2011).

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  1. This guy sounds pretty level-headed and credible. He gives a good description of it. I believe that he saw something resembling a UFO.

  2. "Some have already left, have gone and some have returned only to go again, to where they have gone is a distance indescribable to those landlocked. Look up and feel a beginning, stop your mind, let it all go and then you will fly, it is just humorous that so many struggle about the mere existence of UFO's! Did you know for those whom have matured, they have gone…already, carried away

  3. "Do not give the observers a vote on something potentially 'Fake' it is a waste of time, an issue that perpetuates a shift in attention…attention in the wrong discipline. If something is not authentic, it does not matter, because those mature in this research accepts everything, all datum, then is automatically filed, for what is appropriate is received and applied…not necessary

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