The Origin of Gold Theory: Did Aliens Provide Earth Gold?

For many years, gold has been one of the planet’s most valuable metals, being considered as an image of riches and value throughout history and utilized for coins, jewelry and lately for commercial and medical purposes. Gold bullion is also regarded as to be a pretty good investment opportunity, particularly in the time of economic downturn, since its value is not really affected by the shifts and downturn in economy. When it comes to the beginning of gold, one should remember that it is a chemical element, so it is hard to exactly point out that it is created in nature, but is rather piece of the combination of elements that form the composition of Earth. It has been there since the outset of the Universe, and astronomers point out that it originally came to being by means of the chaotic crashes of neutron-dense stars. The issue of origin mainly pertains to the deposits of gold from which mankind extracts the actual metal: the nuggets or grains that are located in rocks, veins and alluvial deposits. There is a theory that the gold came from extraterrestrials or aliens.

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