Daytime UFO hovering above Mexico 22-Sep-2011

LUFOS – Daytime footage of bright unknown object or orb in the sky over Mexico. This video was recorded on Thursday, 22nd September 2011.
Witness report: [direct translate from Spanish] flying object with a flash of light, recorded in College Station
I was in college parking lot, taking a break between classes, was in bed when suddenly notice a light flashing in the sky, at first I thought they were balloons, pay attention to the note that was too high (even three times higher than a plane) by the height suppose q was a very large object, a plane passing through there well below the object, the object kept moving, got through the clouds, I opened the zoom takes to appreciate the level of focus and almost lost the object, eventually lost in the sky that objjeto. During the event, everything was normal there was no strange noises or anything like that at first I did not take important question after I entered it may be, I study robotics and I can not believe in these phenomena, but definitely I have no idea q was
Author (source: “mufon“)

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