UFO activity over Scottsdale, Arizona – October 2011

UFO sightings – These unidentified flying objects were seen and filmed flying over Scottsdale in Arizona this month (in October 2011).

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  1. That thing was moving around, and it looked huge in comparission to the street lights.<br />Have you noticed how these triangle formations are becoming more and more frequent. My husband saw one here in England a few months back, he did not think to get his camera phone out. I believe the constant sightings are leading to something soon. Lets hope they are friendly.

  2. Nice video. What a mistery !!!. They appear and disappear at once in the same way. I always wonder, when i see these sightings, what are they loocking for ?. Up today there are not answers, only suppositions. Regards.

  3. They are here with a message and making daily shows for us.Not possible to deny anomore,not even the skeptics can hold on to their skepticism..Look&amp;feel for yourself deep inside..Everybody knows its time for a BIG BIG change on Earth,all the signs are there-YEZZZZZZ..Love all the videos thanks

  4. Looks convincing but my guess is skydivers with flares. When one of these videos of glowing orbs actually makes a directional change and flies upward at high rate of speed, then I&#39;ll get intereted. Too many of these are just flares, lanterns or planes on landing approach.

  5. I&#39;m so tired of hearing &quot;It&#39;s flares, parachuters,chinese lanterns,swamp gas&quot; etc. I&#39;m sorry..I don&#39;t mean to offend those that believe that, but C&#39;MON PEOPLE!! Way too many sightings going on! I&#39;ve had a couple of sightings myself over the past year. Something&#39;s bound to happen soon!

  6. UMMmmmm …. Parachuters!!! Quite obviously too!<br />Look guys and girls I believe we have AND ARE visited/watched over by other entities, BUT … you have to call a spade a spade when you come across A SPADE … or else you give the non believers tons of fodder to ridicule!<br /><br />Just look at the way they go down, especially as they approach the horizon …. it is obviously parachuters

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