UFOs or orbs sighting over Norway 15-Oct-2011

UFO sightings – This footage of bright unidentified flying objects or orbs was recorded in Norway on Saturday, 15th October 2011. The author commented this objects were moving way to fast to be a chinese lanterns.

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  1. I just saw these last night in Canada B.C, They were orange and did a few kind of circles around each other then went redish as time went by then left.

  2. I saw these flying over Derbyshire UK, then they shot off like you never known.this will be the second time now,and im sure they will be back.<br />I know for sure the government are going to be in for it &amp; embarrassed because of there lies.How can we trust our government idiots trying to cover it all up.We are not the only ones in the universe.<br />They are going to leave everybody to die

  3. I am not being funny here, but when you zoomed in I saw the colour orange and a small twinkling light, which suggests a small paraffin block whihic was alight inside a Chinese lantern, the Lanterns where following the direction of the wind, those lanterns burned brightly because they were released not long before, as their altitude shows, it can be deceptive if you have not encountered these

  4. We saw several of this lights over Mansfield TX, Saturday night October the 15th , 2011 we took several pics.. this was at night.

  5. For those of you who are convinced that these lights were Chinese Lanterns, I would love to sell you some Swamp-land in Russia for around 10,000,000,000!!!!<br /><br />Seriously folks, pull your heads out now because not only are you making yourselves look retarded, you&#39;re slowing down the process of getting to the truth about these UFO&#39;s. And for those of you who keep clicking the &quot;

  6. I really wonder why nobody can make clear photos or movies with todays technology and always/mostly at night time?……….come on..

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