Daytime UFO fleet over Japan 12-Nov-2011

UFO videos – Daytime footage of multiple bright objects flying across the sky above Japan. This was recorded on Saturday, 12th November 2011.
UFOs, Birds, Balloons?

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  1. More snow geese – like lots of these "UFO flotillas" I'm seeing posted all over. You can see the black wing tips flapping when the camera zooms in. It looks like they are still gaining altitude and have not gotten into their classic V formation yet.

  2. I can´t say anything about this, only the form that the video was filmed isn´t very clearly.The hand person who recorded the objets shake constantly and it´s hard to give a verdict. Sorry.

  3. well you can say that geese do not have red or pinkish color and donot blink nor flash. trying to zoom in is whats causing the shakes. besides, notice that noone mentioned chinese lanterns right off the bat. is it because its filmed in japan? obvious sighting..

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