Most remarkable UFO sightings in November 2011

Most remarkable UFO sightings in November 2011 by

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November 2011; bright objects – Bronx, New York City

November 2011; unknown lights – Bergen, Fyllingsdalen in Norway

November 2011; triangle UFO – Perpignan in France

5th November 2011; UFOs – Moscow, Russia

6th November 2011; UFO lights – Medellin, Colombia

7th November 2011; triangle formation – Midlothian in Scotland

10th November 2011; Tr-3b? – Florida

10th November 2011; unidentified flying objects – Mexico City

15th November 2011; bright UFO – Ripon in Wisconsin

19th November 2011; bright UFO – Popocatépetl, Mexico

22nd November 2011; flying saucer – Oakland, California

26th November 2011; bright UFO – Bangkok, Thailand

27th November 2011; unknown lights – Maspeth in New York

28th November 2011; bright UFOs – Denver, Colorado

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  1. seems to me you can faintly see mountain sillouettes. Likely these are lights from vehicles as drivers have stopped at lookouts, or something similar. Denver of course is very mountainous, so this would be a good explanation for this particular sighting. There are many that are not explainable this way or in other ways, but this one can be ruled out as not authentic, in my opinion.

  2. I saw one March 2, 2012, in Garden City, GA. 5 or more jets had chemtrails behind them crosing the sky's. I was so amazed at this white bright object that I pulled a coworker to see for herself. I was also talking to someone else that had no earthly idea what that object was. We found this simply amazing, but all I'd like to know is what are you hiding and why the chemtrails? It was

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