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Your UFO reports: 3rd December – 10th December 2011
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Silverdale, PA – 12/10/2011
I was driving south on route 113 through Silverdale PA, when I saw an orange orb in the sky. I stopped on the side of the road to watch. As I watched two more appeared following the first orb. Then three more appeared, they all traveled the same path until they disappeared.
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Cleveland Heights, Ohio – 12-10-2011
I filmed this UFO for over an hour (7:00pm-8:15pm 12/10/2011) I can assure you this is not an airplane, helicopter, star, planet or meteor. This is not my first sighting.
Here is the links to the 6 videos. I didn’t record for an hour continuously because it would’ve taken way too long to upload.
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South of Levin, New Zealand – Friday 9th December 2011 at 10.20
I seen a UFO hovering above the sky, it moved up and down, I had to use a telescope to see it properly, it vanished when I blinked! Freaky stuff.
Sorry that I could not find my camera to take a photo.
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Lapeer, Michigan – 12-8-11
there was a ball of light headed south came across 21 right in front of me at a very high rate of speed
when it got south of 21 it came to a dead stop and a ball of light lit up behind it they started traveling south with each other and then just took off real quick south
it was a ball of like amber light
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Plymouth, UK – Thursday 8th December 2011
Several moving stars heading west over the skies of the UK. Some were brighter than others, and all were moving in straight lines at great speeds. A commercial Jet traversed the sky at the same time; it’s vapour trail confirming these objects to be alot higher – maybe in the outer atmosphere, or beyond.
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Zagreb, Croatia – 8.12.2011
i captured him with sony dv camera today 8.12.2011 in 19:00
Youtube video link:
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Castano Primo – Italy – 08.12.2011
[direct translate from German language] I took yesterday evening at approximately 1800 LT 1815Uhr the gym Acqua1Village in Castano Primo, 20022 (VA) – exit Via Guercino 1 Italy.
This is me at a starry sky one immediately noticed.
I saw an extremely bright glowing red-orange object in the sky, which flickered very slightly (like heat haze). It looked like an oversized flying star.
It had no tail and did not break.
It flew at high speed in very high altitudes.
A weather balloon or airplane, it was not. Illuminated as the potential for a satellite of the sun was, it was too fast.
Unfortunately, I do not know how long it flew on, anyway, I watched it for about half a minute or more until it became smaller and disappeared. The flight direction was approximately N according to S / W SO.
I started on the Internet to reserchieren. I’m on several Objektsichtungen from early November until now encountered worldwide. And I can not explain what it was. Maybe it was a meteorite or satellite is also disintegrated.
I found a YouTube link of an object to the ISS yesterday shows
Here from 07:12:11 is written by a meteor:
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Berwyn, Illinois – 12-7-2011
me,my cousin and several other saw a bright light shoot in a southern dirrection hover for 1-2 min then drop straight down out of sight. none of us were together but we were on a social networking site and all commented about it at same time
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southern Oregon, USA – 12/6/11
You can hear the excitement in my voice in filming a nice flyover after weeks of subtler contact. Please watch the opening scene carefully. Before the camera zooms in a star can be seen to the right of the UFO and makes a good reference point. The UFO moves silent overhead.
Youtube video link:
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Fresno, CA (On Chestnut Ave going south – between Alluvial and Nees Ave) – December 6, 2011
Ok, you guys I just experience my 1st sighting of a UFO SPACESHIP just mins ago! I was traveling down on Chestnut Ave(between alluvial and nees) coming from my evening class, as I driving home. At this point, there were hardly no stars to see in the sky. Suddenly, I noticed a light coming down towards me – rapidly heading towards me. I started to feel scared because I thought it might have been an airplane ready to crash. I started hitting speeding up. Then, all of a sudden as it got close, it started hoovering for like about 20 secs, I realized it was a spaceship. Thoughts were running thru my mind. Still trying to evaluate what I’m seeing. In my thoughts, this cant be plane coz its hoovering now, this cant be a helicopter coz helicopter doesnt have 3 round lights, spinning rapidly a! s it changes colors from red to blue. I couldnt see the full structure of the object becoz the sky was too dark, but only the lights stood out because it was bright and it was spinning rapidly. I started grabbing my cell to try to video the object, but the object began moving to my right slowly, then it flew up in a curve straight up to the sky. Like the speed of a shooting star coming down, but reversibly shooting up like lighting speed! Literally, I was so scared as it got close to me, I didn’t know what to think of it, til the object flew up. I finally realized I just seen a spaceship in Fresno. Crazy! I’m still freaked out… All those stories on TV confirms it all. I was very skeptical about people saying stuff about UFOs but seeing that confirmed it… I KNOW WE ARE NOT ALONE.. Just experienced something very rare in my life and want to share it with everyone. I wish I had time to video tape it on my phone or at least took a picture of it, but the damn object move! to quickly for me to even get there.
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Sydney, Australia – December 5th, 2011 around 3:00 am
i need some help with something that happened to me yesterday. i don’t know about UFOs or aliens or anything like that. I was awaken to a small noise inside my room. Something was getting closer. when i opened my eyes i saw a creature with human features bold headed whitish standing “on” my bed right next to where i was sleeping. he was staring at me with a twisted neck.. it was really freaky.. i tried to scream, i was suffocating. i tried to reach out for my phone to put some light on but i couldn’t even lift my hand… for around 5 seconds. then that thing pointed at me…i was in a really bad state.. i haven’t watched any movies lately nor was i drunk or on the effect of whatever nor was i tired and i am sure i was awake when it happened…. i logged on to the internet tod! ay to check what that thing was and i saw a picture which looks exactly like what i saw.. something called THE GREYS.. what i saw was so much the same but the color was more white and the eyes were smaller… and not as open…
please help me understand what happened to me yesterday .. this is really freaking me out and i can’t get it off my mind…
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Tampa, Florida, US – December/04/2011
Tomorrow night (clear and calm night) around 9:55pm I was taking my garbage out in front of my house in Tampa/ Fl, more specific in Westchase neighboorhood when I saw in the sky one light ball, I guess one mile or less up my head… It was so bright and fast. This light crossed all the sky so fast and straight and suddenly disappeared. And I know it wasn’t a wishing star. It was different because the light crossed in the horizontal position, very straight.
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Oceanside, California – dec/4/2-11
saw this object silently moving from camp penelton marine base moving into oceanside city airspace , too slow to be plane too quiet to be helicopter, had a strobbing light and appeared quite diffrent in the 2 pictures i was able to take of it, it appears that 1 pic caught it at peek strobe and the other at no stobe revealing sum sort of structure. not my first sighting but 1st time i got some pictures
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Boca Raton, Florida – 12/4/2011
Two very thin bead of lights that were zig zagging and then dissipated. Pulled the car over to get a better look.
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Kanjanaburi, Thailand – Dec.3 and 4.2011
Last week ago is long weekend in Thailand.
I’m went to kanjanaburi province.
It is very peaceful and very beautiful place.
I’m stay there 3 days 2 nights.
I think this is a best clip VDO i ever filming UFO.
Because this time they stay long and flying Low.
please go to this Link:
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North of Bethesda Sideroad between 9th and 10th Lines, Ontario, Canada – Dec. 3, 2011
At exactly 2:53 pm, I was driving west across Bethesda Sideroad from the 10th Line to the 9th Line, just north of Stouffville, Ontario. I had my seven-year-old daughter and four-year-old son in the back seat.
I spotted an object moving North-North-East at what looked to be about 100 km/hr. The wind was from the west, as is normal. There were no clouds in the sky.
The object was battle-ship grey and black. The sun was not reflecting from any of the surfaces of the object. The object was shaped sort of like a hot-air balloon, with a sharper point on the bottom, and was about 25% of the size of a normal hot-air balloon. I stopped the car immediately when I realized that this thing was no more than about 500 meters from us, moving pretty quickly to the north by north east. I pointed it out to my daughter, who was sitting in the rear, right seat. She said she could see it, too, and that it was not like anything she had ever seen. It had no marker lights, emitted no sounds whatsoever. The area it was traveling over is very rural. There is rarely a car on that road. I was flight line supervisor at Buttonville Airport for a year and nine months, back in the 1990’s. I have flown small aircraft, and am quite adept at identifying aircraft, for just sheer interest’s sake. This was not an aircraft I am familiar with. Additionally, I took two p! hotos of this UFO using my LG Xenon phone. The photos are about 450kb apiece, and NEITHER photo reveals the object, which WAS present and visible to the naked eye. I saw it, my daughter saw it, and I photographed in precisely the direction of this object – TWICE. With that, I can assuredly say that what we saw was a “UFO”. See the attached photos. The object should appear within the center of the frame, just above the tree-line in both photos. Has anyone ever encountered such a situation where you can see it in broad daylight and it cannot be photographed? Please let me know…

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Louisville, Kentucky – 12/1/11
after returning home at 7:00pm in my driveway,I notice nine very bright lights in the clear night sky, Four lights straight across and the other five lights zig zag all the lights move slowly across the sky from the south to the north about 1min. and a half.Then all the lights slowly move upward and out of sight
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at sea approx 200 miles SE of Colon, Panama – 30 Nov 2011
While travelling on MS Zuiderdam, from Colon to the island of Bonnaire I observed five objects (between 0600 and 0620hrs)white in colour. I had been on my veranda watching and listening to the waves and looking at the stars for approximately an hour. Because there was some cloud cover I initially thought I was looking at a partially obscured star formation; however, the objects increased in size and began changing formation. I only had them in sight for a few seconds and there was not enough time to grab a camera. I am estimating the observation location based upon ships speed and time elapsed from Colon departure.
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