UFO activity filmed over Cooloongup, Australia 29-Dec-2011

UFO sightings – This video of unidentified flying objects was recorded in Cooloongup in Australia on Thursday, 29th December 2011.
Witness report: Filmed in Cooloongup. One orb and another apears next to it! Filmed in the south east using a yukon Spirit Night Vision attached to a JVC Everio. Monocular was kinda out of focus a bit. To focus the whole thing I need to twist the front barrel of the scope and the back eye piece and then adjust the cameras manual focus with tele-macro
Author (AustralianPhenomena @ youtube)

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  1. I live in Bendigo victoria australia and in the middle of the night we sit outside and talk. Me and my family play a game on who can spot the most satelites in the sky. We do this alot. I can tell you with all my years of playing these games, that these 'Orbs' are satelittes. I do study extraterrestrial activity. These are not aliens they are satellites!

  2. Both are extraterrestrial space craft.<br />The 2nd orb appears to have space jumped or dropped out of warp drive into our galaxy inside our atmosphere

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