USAF General says UFO-USAF battled twice in Vietnam

When a USAF General says UFOs battled USAF fighters in Vietnam on two occasions, and major media is present but refuses to report it, that is a cover-up. Why would the media do that? Did someone order them to not report it?

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  1. Hype Mr. Smith, why didn&#39;t you just tell the story without, all of the, &#39;media news hype&#39; through out? This was like those bulletins you get through the course of the day telling you, &#39;tonight on the news at six, blah blah blah&#39;. Then at six you watch the news to find it has been hyped just to get you to that station.<br />I live in southeast asia, sorry we have amazing grass

  2. To be actually told the truth we need a UFO to come down &amp; abduct Britney &amp; Paris together, that&#39;s how f^^^ed up our world has become.<br />It truly is absurd the crap most people in the west live their lives for now, I feel it must be the feeling of inferiority that thry become engrossed in others lives &amp; don&#39;t notice or don&#39;t care what&#39;s happening to them &amp;

  3. HMS Hobart was the first destroyer deployed between 1967 and 1971.They were attached to the 7th Fleet.During her second deployment to Vietnam HMS Hobart was accidentally attacked by US aircraft.The ship was damaged and two Australians were killed…….May be this was this incident???

  4. HM&#39;A&#39;S Hobart was sold to a jap company in Australia for &#39;breaking up&#39; on 22 Feb 1962 for £186,886…<br />But there was a HMAS Hobart(II) which did see action in &#39;Nam&#39; 3 times. Built by Defoe Shipbuilding Co. in Bay City, Michigan, USA. Luanched in Jan &#39;64, Commissioned for the Aussie Navy Dec &#39;65, this Guided Missile Destroyer was &#39;Accidently&#39; hit by…

  5. The enemy helicopters thing is inconclusive but interesting;there is no evidence given that an investigation took place into the &#39;&#39;hit&#39;&#39; on the Aussie ship;for all anyone knows it was freindly fire from an allied ship or plane;on the other hand it might have been from an un-identified;there were many incidentS IN China sea area.An important reminder is that unidentieds have been

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